Tsu Whittaker

Tsu Whittaker
Free Lecture
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Hands-on Dowsing

Saturday, February 23 - - - 1:00PM to 1:45PM - - - Century D

Wellsong Energetics uses repurposed ancient healing arts and cutting-edge technology to provide affordable subscriptions for protective shields and daily clearings of detrimental energies for the people, animals, places, and electrical devices in your life. It is re-energized daily for over 45 areas of your life from wellness to safety, mental clarity to social interactions, and helps continuously at any distance through quantum entanglement.  Tsu Whittaker will do a hands-on demonstration of dowsing. Bring your own or borrow one. Let us learn how to find out yes-no questions, use charts, and how to check your chakras and balance them.  Come laugh and have fun dowsing.           


Tsu Whittaker uses multiple systems and techniques of dowsing acquired through formal training from world-class experts, extensive research, study, inquiry, and guidance from higher sources. She has OBE’s and is very tuned with Gaia and Source.


Visit Tsu in Booth #403 in the International Ballroom