Vajracharya Douglas Sutton

Vajracharya Douglas Sutton
Free Lecture
A Day Pass is required to attend this Lecture
Experience Inner Light Healing and Meditation

Friday, February 22 - - - 4:00PM to 4:45PM - - - Century A

Feel empowerment and healing divine light fill your body. Radiate Inner light as you practice an ancient meditation of this 2500+ year unbroken lineage of awakened masters. Easily enter a high state.

Rapid advancement using Mantra, Mudra, and Visualization to guide you along the path of self knowledge and self change. Specific techniques to attain enlightenment and 108 spiritual abilities, heal yourself and others, increase spiritual protection, increase wealth, luck etc. 


Vajracharya Douglas Sutton and practitioners of Dari Rulai Temple have healed and taught Esoteric Buddhist Dharma for over 16 years under the guidance of MahaVairocana Dharma King Dechan Jueren, the 49th Dharma Lineage Holder of the Chinese Esoteric School


Visit Vajracharya Douglas Sutton in his Booth # T4, downstairs in the Plaza Lobby.